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About us
The Oppdal Museum is located in picturesque surroundings near downtown. The area shows a unique setting with a large number of log buildings dating back to 1500 into the mid 1900’s.
The museum features a variety of buildings, such as farm dwellings, barns, storage-houses, mills, smithy, hunting cabins, summerhouse, telephone office, ski-workshop and more.

This presents a goog opportunity to study and experience town’s building traditions and construction. In addition you will find a large collection of items and tools that were used in the daily work.
The museum also features special collections and exhibits that are a “must see”. Among the items are old hunting-tools, a ski exhibit, a schoolhouse museum, a telephone museum, a textile exhibit and a hospital exhibit.
There is quite a bit of activity throughout the year. The buildings and the area may be rented for a variety of arrangements.

As hosts it is our wish to make you feel special and welcome, and we want to ceate a warm, friendly atmosphere around your visit.
During our Summer Season we offer homemade baked goods and coffee.
OUR SUMMER SEASON 2024: July 7 – August 11


 THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS and SUNDAYS: 12:00am – 4:00pm



Familyticket: 2 adults +3 children: kr. 300,-

Adults: Kr. 100,-
Seniors/Students/Youth/groups: kr 80,-
Children 6 – 16 years old: Kr. 60,- (Children under 6 are free)


GROUPS: Contact us regarding guided tours both during and outside opening hours at: 906 44 172

Tours and food service may be tailored for you and your group
For reservations, call 916 44 172 (monday - friday 9:00am - 3:00pm)



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Besøksadresse Oppdalsmuseet

Museumsveien 11, 7340 Oppdal

Booking/kontakt tlf: 916 44 172 (Heidi)



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